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Movement welcomes two major clients

YELLOWKNIFE: July 4, 2017 – Movement is proud to announce new partnerships with two of the Northwest Territories’ most exciting sports governing bodies.

Administrative contracts with NWT Snowboarding and the NWT Volleyball Association began on July 1. Movement will..

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Movement announces launch clients

Movement announces launch clients

YELLOWKNIFE: June 3, 2017 – Movement is proud to announce Cross Country NWT and NWT Softball as its launch clients.

Contracts with both organizations began on June 1. Movement will provide a broad range of services from day-to-day administration through to event management,..

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Welcome to our new website

Hello! This is Ollie, one of Movement’s two managing partners. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our site.

We’re based in Yellowknife and, essentially, we are here to help. We’ve noticed how hard it is to find (and keep) part-time staff for the many, many non-profits..

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