What happens next?

If you’ve decided Movement is right for you, that’s great.

We’re excited to work with you and we know you’ll want to understand more about the next steps.

First, you should contact us to set up an in-person meeting (or by phone, if necessary). We’ll conduct a comprehensive consultation with you so we can learn about the challenges facing your organization, your needs, and your ambitions.

Following that consultation, Movement will produce a plan for you outlining the services we recommend and an overall package cost. This plan is unique to you and tailored to meet your precise needs as discussed with us.

If you like the look of the plan, we can move straight ahead. However, you’re welcome to review the plan and discuss changes with us if you think something should look different, if circumstances have changed or if there are financial considerations.

Once we have your approval, we begin the “onboarding” process – this may take several weeks, a month or more to complete. Onboarding involves three steps:

  1. Movement and your organization sign a contract which clearly outlines the responsibilities of all parties involved, the cost, and a clear, mutually agreed end date after which a new contract must be signed.
  2. Your organization shares with us the documentation and knowledge Movement will need to best achieve the goals set out in our plan as partners. This can include databases, contacts, calendars, financial information (which remains confidential), document archives and a range of other material to be discussed with you as part of this process.
  3. Movement develops a straightforward set of guidelines for your organization and its volunteers to follow in order to carry out basic day-to-day functions. We will provide you with simple actions to take if you would like to organize travel, arrange an event, promote a topic on social media, register your members, or conduct any number of other ordinary tasks. That way, you and your volunteers know how the relationship with Movement works and who to contact to get things done. That’s really important!
  4. On a date designated in our contract, Movement assumes administrative responsibility for your organization in the areas agreed. By this point, you will have supplied Movement with the tools and information required to oversee the organization’s affairs; similarly, Movement will have supplied you with all the information you need to make sure business continues as usual. Except now, it’s simpler, less time-consuming for you and there’s a whole lot less to worry about.