Our agreement with you is a one-off.

Movement always develops bespoke packages for its clients, so you can be sure of receiving the services you need at a cost you’re able to afford.

This is particularly important for non-profits, whose funding for staffing is limited and often tied to reporting requirements.

Our 2017 pricing model was developed specifically to cater for the needs of northern sporting non-profits in Canada. That means territorial sports organizations in the NWT can expect to be quoted a realistic fee for services they ask Movement to provide.

Depending on an organization’s demands, fees can be expected to fall within a range similar to that an organization would pay a sole part-time or full-time staffer for the same services. However, with Movement there is no added paperwork, no liability as an employer, no payroll to administer and no office space or other overheads to manage.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and the applicable costs in more detail.

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