Our services explained.

Think of this page like a menu.

Our partners don’t get an off-the-shelf product: they custom-order from the list of services below. Every organization we work with has a specially tailored agreement with us to make sure they get exactly the administrative support they need.

Day-to-Day Administration

This is at the heart of what we do: making sure your organization moves efficiently and productively from day to day. Many basic administrative tasks fall under this heading, though we work with all partners when they join to more closely identify what this means to you. We never want clients to pay for services they do not feel they require.

Stream 1: Basic day-to-day administration

We ensure your organization runs efficiently, providing a central communication point for members and volunteers. We maintain and monitor membership, customer or donor databases, manage phone calls and correspondence, and ensure the organization actively engages with the public.

Stream 2: Basic admin plus event logistics

This includes stream one alongside enhanced support for sporting organizations’ events: we manage logistics for clinics, tournaments, conferences and more, including organizing and assisting with meetings and conference calls.

Stream 3: Full administrative support

This stream is always custom-designed with your organization’s full input. With stream three, we assume full administrative responsibility for your organization: all of streams one and two plus additional workflows as identified by you, such as the preparation of presentations and proposals, budgeting and bookkeeping support, travel to events and conference on your organization’s behalf, and more. This is our most comprehensive level of client service available.

Event & Workshop Bookings

Organizations need access to experts in their field to ensure volunteers remain engaged and knowledgeable. We coordinate training days and workshops to ensure volunteers (coaches, officials, board members, administrative assistants and others) get the development opportunities they deserve.

We offer coordination between organizations to ensure maximum exposure for your event and value-for-money. We also do the legwork to book the experts you’d like to hear from: sports psychologists, motivational speakers, scouts, empowerment advocates, experts in equality and more.

Movement can organize mentorship programs, social media training, leadership training, multi-sport training and a range of other initiatives to ensure your organization’s calendar best serves its members. All logistics for each event can be managed by us, from transportation and accommodation to registration and facility booking.

Event Management

We have considerable experience designing, developing, coordinating and managing a broad range of events. We examine event needs and plans, identify the target audience, design an event concept and coordinate technical and logistical aspects before launching the event.

The objective is to plan, promote and operate your event to a gold standard, impressing existing members and encouraging the recruitment of new ones.

Event management includes the management of volunteers, basic planning and site selection, sponsorship and budgeting, risk management, marketing and communications, scheduling, arranging speakers and entertainment, catering, coordination with third-party vendors, permitting, accommodation, and transportation.

Example events include annual general meetings, sports festivals, galas, fundraisers and trade shows.

Finance & Bookkeeping

Preserving financial integrity is essential for your organization’s wellbeing; ensuring money is well-managed, movement of funds is documented and that the board understands its financial position.

We serve as an additional check and balance, beyond the board, to ensure your organization lives within its financial means (particularly, for the NWT’s territorial sports organizations, during MACA’s new multi-year funding periods).

We offer basic day-to-day financial management such as the delivery of cheques, checking programming costs against budgets, receiving registration fees, and paying for goods and services on the organization’s behalf.

Our basic annual bookkeeping ensures a simple, itemized record of spending is available for a treasurer or accountant to inspect and approve. Regular reporting to your board ensures informed oversight when it comes to your organization’s financial health.

Funding Proposals & Grants

Maintaining funding streams is vital to ensuring the long-term health of any organization in the North. We’re here to actively assist your organization in renewing current funding streams and pursuing new sources to build financial capacity.

Movement prepares documents to assist with grant applications, including procurement of supporting letters, financial statements and all additional information required for funding requests.

We also spend time identifying new funding streams – federal, territorial, municipal and private third-party – to ensure organizations are tapping all available resources.

When requested, we are also able to represent organizations to potential sponsors, including the preparation and delivery of pitches and handling of contracts.

Policy Library

Organizations know that they want – and need – the right policies in place, but volunteers often don’t have the time or know-how to get started.

Movement provides and maintains a library of template policies, giving your organization immediate access to a suite of high-quality, proven templates that can be configured to best fit your sport’s unique needs.

Examples include by-laws, a concussion policy, selection policies, dispute resolution and executive limitations. Policies are regularly updated to ensure they remain current (e.g. adhering to latest medical advice) and the library is expanded based on feedback from our partners.

We work with your organization to help you repurpose our templates to best suit your unique operating environment.

Social Media & Communications

Organizations in the North know the power of social media. Virtually the entire population of the NWT has a presence on Facebook, which means having a sound knowledge of how to get the most out of a Facebook page is incredibly important.

Movements knows how to reach out to your members effectively, how to quickly reach journalists when you have great news, and how to robustly promote your organization or sport.

Stream 1: Basic social media management where your organization supplies most content

In this stream, we offer simple social media scheduling and planning. This promotes your organization and its activities. We also respond to enquiries and comments on your social media pages according to criteria you set out.

Stream 2: Social media coverage for events only

Working with you, we identify events around which you would like to build your social media presence. We limit our activities to promoting that specific list of events – before, during and after. That builds knowledge and excitement around your events and drives positive media coverage.

Stream 3: Full social media management, including coverage from events

This combines streams one and two to offer a full, year-round social media plan.

Stream 4: Full communications management including social media, media liaison and graphic design

This combines stream three with the addition of comprehensive communications management: news releases, organization of media availability sessions, proactive media relations, and the creation of graphics, posters and digital media to support your organization and its events.

Website Creation & Management

It’s all too easy for a website to get left behind. Where do you find the right expertise, at the right price, to get the website your organization needs? Volunteer-run non-profits often find this a struggle. Other organizations find that they lack the time, or know-how, to keep their website updated even if they like the design and functionality. Movement can help with all of these concerns.

Stream 1: Basic website maintenance

We add news, events and results to your website once content is provided by your organization. We ensure your website remains updated with all the necessary information for your organization to function.

Stream 2: Full website maintenance

Alongside stream one’s activities, we go further and generate our own content for posting to your organization’s website – meaning the onus is no longer solely on you and your volunteers to provide new material. In addition, we handle email accounts, domain names and hosting space on your organization’s behalf.

Stream 3: Website redesign

Does your website struggle to meet your needs? Or do you simply not have a website? We can create a website for your organization from scratch, and we’ll do it at an affordable cost. Our designs automatically scale for viewing on phones and tablets, so your new site will meet web standards and be easily accessed no matter where, or how, your audience is viewing it. You’ll have a good-looking, robust website that meets your organization’s specific needs – and we’ll make sure it’s easy for you, or us, to update.

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