Meet our clients.

Movement works with any organization.

Our concept is simple: we provide staffing support so you don’t need to worry about finding staff and retaining them, particularly in the North’s changing and challenging economic environment.

Movement’s premise is ideally suited to smaller northern organizations and non-profits, and we are proud specialists in the sports and recreation sector.

Our clients include launch partners Cross Country NWT and NWT Softball, since joined by NWT Snowboarding and the NWT Volleyball Association. We’re a natural choice to help TSOs because we already have more than a decade’s experience working with sports in the Northwest Territories: we know the environment and the challenges, we understand the needs, and we’ve been refining our best practices for years.

Not only that, we work with clients to find out exactly what needs doing – and what doesn’t. Your organization should not be paying for services it does not need, nor those already fulfilled to everyone’s satisfaction by volunteers. When you sign a contract to work with Movement, we spell out exactly what has been agreed and we don’t charge you for work you didn’t want. That’s a great way to control your costs and focus on your organization’s priorities.

Meanwhile, we are constantly evolving our product. We are proud of our reputation in the sports and recreation sector and are working hard to make sure we stay at the fore – whether that’s learning new skillsets, offering new services or listening to (and acting on) your feedback.

Movement’s core administrative services translate easily from sector to sector. If your organization operates in the arts, trade and industry, science, education or any other field, and you require administrative support tailored to the northern economic environment, talk to us. We’ll be pleased to offer a full consultation, free of charge.

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