More about Movement.

We’re proud Northerners working hard to get the North moving.

Movement’s managing partners are Mel Thompson and Ollie Williams – residents of Yellowknife, NWT.

Mel and Ollie formed Movement in early 2017 after recognizing the difficulties smaller northern organizations face in finding, and keeping, the staff they need to achieve their goals. It’s hard for northern non-profits to fund full-time staff, but it’s also tricky for part-time employees to earn a living wage in the territories. That creates high turnover and staffing gaps.

Movement works by offering a centralized staffing resource available to many organizations at once. 

Our specialists partner with each organization to find out exactly which services are needed, then we create a bespoke arrangement to meet the organization’s needs without breaking its budget.

That means smaller organizations and non-profits no longer need to find and employ part-time or full-time staff: they simply contract our services and we worry about the rest.

Mel is a longtime advocate of northern sports, boasting nearly a decade’s experience working alongside sports organizations in the Northwest Territories alongside more than 15 years in the broader sports and recreation sector. She is driven by a desire to see NWT sports and recreation grow and develop.

Ollie is an entrepreneur and communications expert with a background in broadcasting for the BBC and CBC. After arriving in the NWT as a volunteer soccer coach in the community of Fort Liard, Ollie led NWT Soccer and chaired Canada Soccer’s Presidents’ Forum before founding Movement.